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About the Designer

Mardie with her son

Mardie with her son

After losing seven pregnancies, Mardie Caldwell learned that adoption was the answer to her prayers of becoming a mother. Inspired by her own adoption journey, she designed and created the Adoption Prayer Bracelet as an inspiration to anyone touched by adoption. These bracelets also make for a great adoption gift for anyone touched by adoption.

Mardie Caldwell is a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner who founded Lifetime Adoption and Lifetime Foundation. She has authored many books on adoption and speaks often about the loving possibilities of open adoption.

Each Adoption Prayer Bracelet signifies the promise and prayer we have in our hearts for all who are touched by adoption. Whether a birth mother, adoptive parent, or adoptee, the beauty and acceptance of love through adoption is something to always keep in prayer.

For Adoptive Parents…

Mardie believes in the power of prayer and this little special bracelet is a heartfelt way to feel closer to your dream.

For Birth Parents…

This is a reminder that you are always in someone’s prayers of joy and thankfulness for the choices you made.

For Adoptees…

Never doubt that you are an answer to prayer and that someone is always praying for you.

adoption giftReviews of the Adoption Prayer Bracelet…

“My Adoption Prayer bracelet is such a precious reminder to pray for our adoption. Not only for us, but for our future birth mother and all those who are on the same adoption journey as us.

Wearing my bracelet and knowing that it was handmade with love encourages me that I am not alone in our journey and that waiting on God in this process is such a special place to be…I love the fact that the proceeds benefit Lifetime Adoption Foundation. I get excited when I’m asked about my bracelet because it opens the door to talking about adoption and spreading awareness.”

-Adoptive mother Rebekah

“I received the bracelets today. They are beautiful!!!! More than I even expected! Thank you again for everything! I’m so excited to give these out!”